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I maintain my most up-to-date content at I'm a big fan of Known and the IndieWeb but find the new Google Sites much easier to use at this time.


Quintuple whammy from those thunderstorms last night.

1) They woke me up
2) They were upsetting the dogs, which kept me up
3) The power went out, meaning I was without CPAP or fan so I didn't sleep well
4) The power was out long enough that I had to pay attention to a bunch of UPSes and systems that did not come back up automatically.
5) The grass has grown inches since yesterday.


For the first time in 39 years I find myself without a day job. Time to contemplate my future direction and next opportunity.

Aw heck, want to go for a bike ride?


Metal detector(n): A tool to search the pasture for parts that fall off your tractor.


This morning I looked out to see a murder taking place in my neighbor's yard. Unfortunately it flew away before I could get a picture!


Nexus 5X inbound!


NEWS FLASH! For a few moments on 28Sep2015 Facebook goes down and world productivity spikes.


I finally found a good use for the front-facing camera on my phone. I was trying to plug a DVI connector into a monitor that is difficult to get behind So I aimed the smartphone up and was able to see what I was doing.


After spending more than a year (much of it procrastinating) and probably 10 hours in the last week, filling out the IRS form 1023 to get Trumansburg Robotics, Inc 501(c)(3) status I discovered that the IRS has simpler 1023-EZ. It is a form you fill out online and submit with your payment. It took about 20 minutes! Oy Vey!

I've read that the difference is that for the full 1023 form they analyse all the data you provide and determine if you follow the rules for a 501(c)(3). For the 1023EZ they monitor you for three years to make sure you behave.