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Welch Dickey Loop - August 2015

It's my family tradition to hike while on vacation at the lake house. I have only ever hiked Red Hill while up here. Not to dismiss Red Hill, it is a great hike and is quite close and has good views from the fire tower. This year we hiked the Welch Dickey Loop with our neighbors Paul and Christine. A moderately difficult hike with several scrambles, but outstanding views from many vantage points. We had excellent weather for it, it was a bit cooler than the rest of the week and there was a steady wind.

Next year Mount Chocorua!


At last, some security for one of my US credit cards

1 min read

Capital One Visa is going to be sending me Chip and Signature cards soon. They are the first to offer any improvement over the magnetic stripe card. This technology helps avoid credit card fraud via counterfeit card fraud, which is much more prevalent than lost card fraud in the US. It's a step in the right direction.

Everyone in the G20 except the US has been using Chip and PIN cards for quite a while. With those you need to remember a PIN and enter it at every transaction.

Ironically, my Capital One card is primarily for online transactions where the chip will not help.


Android M's name is Marshmallow | The Verge

Marshmallow? I was hoping for Melange (aka Spice).


Windows 7 VM not compatible with Windows 10 upgrade?

1 min read

I've been playing with Windows 10 developer preview in a VM and have upgraded a couple laptops and an old test machine from Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. All those upgrades went well.

So I was slightly surprised when upgrading my primary Windows 7 VM was met with a warning message that claimed it was not compatible with Windows 10. What? I was running a Windows 10 Preview VM on this same host a while back. The messages was "CompareEchange128", I'm sure my Sandy Bridge Core i7 would have that. It turns out that VirtualBox was configured for a Windows 7 64-bit which apparently does not support that instruction. Switching the config to Windows 10 64-bit solved the problem. The machine is now upgrading.


I finally found a good use for the front-facing camera on my phone. I was trying to plug a DVI connector into a monitor that is difficult to get behind So I aimed the smartphone up and was able to see what I was doing.


After spending more than a year (much of it procrastinating) and probably 10 hours in the last week, filling out the IRS form 1023 to get Trumansburg Robotics, Inc 501(c)(3) status I discovered that the IRS has simpler 1023-EZ. It is a form you fill out online and submit with your payment. It took about 20 minutes! Oy Vey!

I've read that the difference is that for the full 1023 form they analyse all the data you provide and determine if you follow the rules for a 501(c)(3). For the 1023EZ they monitor you for three years to make sure you behave.